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cameron monaghan | 64

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YES these two have a+ fashion sense, i’m overwhelmed by how much i like them and everyone and everything in this anime seriously 

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practice sketches turn into ZNT woops also nine without his glasses yes please

sorry for the ugly watermarks, resposting is stronger than ever ( ಠ ಠ )

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i think that’s enough band-aids guysss hahaahah thanks anon for the idea! 

I love nine and twelve and this series so much uughh i haven’t felt that way in a while it’s so refreshing _( :’>」∠)_

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my poor doomed kids

the znt art spam continues, are you tired of me yet? hahahah

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yeah well i have no excuses (*゚ー゚)ゞ

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loving the style and animation of Zankyou no Terror! it seems all i’m able to draw lately is half assed fanart ehhh

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made some more ZNT fanart, help i’ve fallen, nine is too hot

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obsessed i know i know i’m sorry shh have more art

I fear for their lives because the chances of this series having a happy ending are close to none ;;

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It’s past midnight in the US now so it’s rykari ‘s birthday everyone go greet her!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I love you!! you are an awesome person and very kind and creative and caring and responsible, you are my best friend and so many other things for me like my doctor and psychologist and manager and more! lmao I’ll always be grateful for your company everyday and what you did and keep doing for me in these 2 years!! I will try to make it up to you with what i do best, company, bad jokes, a lot of random whinning and lots of shippy art!! hahahah and of course i want to thank you for creating Lyon and all the other characters and developing them and wiritng awesome stories all the time that always make me happy!!

This is from the vampire AU that kaori-nagisa and rykari are working on! here is a description of these two in there, and here is a story rykari wrote about them~

I wanted to make this look kind of like a tarot card ehhh well i tried ( ´_ゝ`)I hope you like it!!

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sketchy sketch of Lyon in his vampire AU version by rykari based on kaori-nagisa's vampire AU here~

Lyon here is a human, he is hemophiliac so he spends a lot of time visiting the hospital, he inherited the gift to forsee the future but since nobody ever believes him he uses it for simple things like predicting the weather for the day and uses sleeping pills to avoid major predictions while dreaming. He works at a casino as a fortune teller (‾̴̴͡͡▿•‾̴̴͡͡ʃƪ)

I sexualize everything i touch help i can’t stop

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I gave myself a bad day yesterday, what a silly thing to do hahah

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Lyon and Naren sketch i drew this afternoon, in Mafia AU again because i love it (*ノωノ) and Zhi recently posted a new story for it so ahhhhhhhh Naren was getting a little too jealous hahah

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The official posters of these two fuel me (  ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) they kept popping in my dash so this happened, they are my favourite thing about this anime followed by Rin’s ponytail, can’t wait for season 2

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