A Homage to Damaged Boys (and the Man Who Made Them)


If you ever get frustrated with your writing, just remember that Tolkien once described Feanor as
“wounded with many wounds”


#NakedSundays with big shoes, leather straps and George Swift.





Tribute “How to train your Dragon” - What if Hiccup and Toothless had met earlier ?


Tribute “How to train your Dragon” - What if Hiccup and Toothless had met earlier ?

Person: what are you doing?
Me: not reading the work of a stranger on the internet interpreting the relationship between the protagonists of an established media series by thrusting them into unrealistic situations in which they for some unknown reason have intense gay sex that's for certain

Guns lack intimacy.


[love Ben Barnes, but I saw the top picture going around and couldn’t resist. [[100% Destiel lovechild]]

Damn, at least crack a smile. You just made the football team," Dean demanded spiritedly as he fidgeted with the camera. 

"Pop, you already took a shit ton this morning. How many more pictures do you need?" Stone scoffed, modestly scuffing his boot on the asphalt.

"Robert Stone Winchester. Language,” Castiel snapped. “And, you should be more patient with your father. He’s very excited about your acceptance onto the team. He enjoys sports, and I believe he would have been very successful in football given his athleticism.”

Dean paused his fumbling and looked up at Cas with a crooked smile. “Yeah, you know all about my athleticism, don’t you?”

"If you are referring to last night’s—"

"Dammit, Dad. Do you guys ever stop?" Stone grumbled as he playfully threw his football at Castiel’s chest. The ball lazily bounced off of him without even an attempt at a catch.

"Can we go?" He scanned the empty parking lot, thankful his teammates had left before his dads had begun their usual inappropriateness. He reached for the camera. 

Dean snatched it out of his reach, “Uh, uh. I don’t think so,” he chided and adjusted the camera in front of his face.

"Pop, just take the picture."

"Well, if you smile," Dean prompted as Cas patiently demonstrated the fundamentals of an appropriate smile beside him.

"I’ll smile after I get some food in my stomach," Stone said. "I’m starving. Wanna go get a burger?"

"Yeah," Dean agreed eagerly. "Let’s go."

"We’ll go the place with the cannolis," Castiel proclaimed, removing any other option.

"Fine," Dean laughed. "Grab your ball and we’ll head out."

Stone nodded and began moving towards the football at his dad’s foot when Dean whistled loudly.

Stone’s eyes shot up at the sound only to be greeted by the flash of a camera and Dean’s laughter. “Got ya,” Dean winked.

Stone scooped up his ball, shaking his head and hiding the enormous smile lighting his features. ”Pop, how about a celebratory beer?” He crowed at his dads walking ahead.

"Maybe when your dad crashes tonight," Dean called over his shoulder.

Cas snapped his head toward him. “Dean, you—”

"Shut up, Cas. I’m just screwing around," Dean said. He cupped the back of Castiel’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss.